About Khiswa

We are delighted that you have taken an interest in learning more about our small company and exploring what drives us. Please scroll down to learn more about Our Story, Our Philosophy toward business and Our Philosophy toward Life.

Our Story

Originally born in the city of Muscat, the Sultanate of Oman, out of the passion of a working mother for modest apparel, Khiswa was founded on the desire to create something that was simply better than the off-the rack, ill-fitted status quo that was available in the modest apparel market. Over time, this desire slowly transformed into a passion for creating quality, to push the boundary on what quality meant in this space…

Our Philosophy Towards Life

Our Philosophy Towards Life

While on our journey with all it’s highs & lows, the setbacks, the achievements, the exhilaration and the disappointments, we certainly have learned quite a few fundamental lessons about life over the years. Much more so than when we started out over 9 years ago.
If we were asked to zero in on the most important learning or …

Our Philosophy Towards Business

We are a young company finding it’s way. Which means that we are still in the process of understanding, articulating, perceiving and codifying our authentic core values, beliefs, our ultimate purpose and subsequently building our company around them. Although we have a firm intuitive grasp of these, we still want to take our time to codify them so as to not rid them of their power.

Nonetheless, there are a..

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