Khiswa Blooms in Spring

Khiswa Blooms in Spring

The spring season is finally here ! And just like the fresh breeze and light showers that it sprays into our lives, it marks the beginning of a renewal or rebirth .It is a time to start anything afresh! Spring is the best season to bring out all the vibrant colors out of your wardrobe. Be it the floral dresses you haven’t worn for a while or the pastel colors that bring out the calm vibe to match your surroundings.

Light and Bright is the Spring !

In the past years, modest clothing didn’t offer much variants in terms of spring fashion.But we here at Khiswa have a diverse collection when it comes to spring. There are certain tactics that could help you dress up for this blissful season. For instance, light colors give a cheerful, happy and fresh look to your apparels. Soft pastel colors like the millennial pink, light azure, creamy mint, whimsy yellow etc add pop to any outfit. Our long dress collection offers the bright and mellow mustard yellow ‘ Sunshine ‘, the peachy pink ‘ Pink Dipped’ dress, etc to add a little spring to your steps.

Go for breezy and light fabrics like chiffon, crepe, etc during spring to compliment the light mood. Whether you are going out for a picnic or an evening walk, let the colors be in sync with the nature. Spring is the season for patterned attires .If it is the flowery patterns, the merrier it would be. Our polka dotted light green chiffon dress ‘Simply Green’ and pineapple yellow peacock printed ‘Harmony’ with pink tapering bottoms adds festivity to your spring celebrations.

Flowers & Patterns to garnish your dresses !

The flower patterns in a dress symbolise the blossoming of spring. Our ‘ Floral Love’ and ‘Pink Queen’ adds femininity and flatters your figure. Our star outfit ‘ Blossoming Wonder ‘ with its magenta pink flowers and forest green leaves embroidered on a silk coat over the long white dress is the perfect spring dress that will carry a tune to your lips in this exuberant weather.

Seasons change but my love for Black remains the same !

The lovers of black abayas don’t need to fret. For we have our ‘ Spring ‘ abaya, hand embroidered with intricate designs of cerulean blue parrot resting on oak brown branches with carnation pink flowers and shades of bright red buds .Just like the name suggests, this is the perfect abaya you were seeking for this season. The ‘Mystic Beauty‘ with its blue butterflies resting on shoulders and the ‘Pastel Tales’ with its coral printed poppy flowers and olive green stems are delicate pieces which will make you swoon.

Neutral colors, Coverups & Cardigans – Life Savers !

The neutral colors are not to be neglected . These when worn with the bright colors is what blends in your costumes. We have our special collection of Hijabs in all the colors you need, for blending with your dresses and abayas. Spring is also the season of surprises. One day it could be sunny and the next day it could drench you in light showers and breezy winds .To save you from those sudden drizzles, we have our Cover ups and Cardigans that comes in darker shades as well as light pastel colors. Throw it over your dresses and you are all ready for spring.Our dresses in pleats, front and side slits at the bottoms and straight cut abayas are an added bonus for spring modest fashion .

Every weather is a blessing from the Almighty. Be grateful for it and make sure you relish and enjoy all the moments that it offers.They say dress according to the weather and your mood. We here at Khiswa are ready for the Spring and for you ! Have a beautiful and blossoming spring with Khiswa !!

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